Pont en Royans

Col de Romeyere is cold and windy. We descend to a hayfield to eat before continuing the exhilarating long descent into St. Jean en Royans. The book I have mentioned before (Cycling in the French Alps, a Cicerone Guide by Paul Henderson) was brilliant at suggesting the quietest routes, the most enjoyable of days, the longest descents, the best views.

Pont en Royans, showing the tall houses built in the river bed, with extensions tacked onto the sides. And on the river, swimming and fun

One of the many roadside fountains and washing places. If it weren’t for these, we would be really stuck for enough to drink
The days destination is the Castel Fleuri in St Jean en Royans, a small hotel, with garden, pool and restaurant, next to the village square where the annual ravioli festival is drawing the crowds

The Pleasures of the Hotel Castel Fleuri

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