Col de Romeyere

Friday 10 July 2009
Gradually the path leads away from the city and into a land of high limestone cliffs. St Gervais is the village at the foot of our first col – the Col de Romeyere.  With a cold north wind that could be the mistral blowing us along we begin the long task. At one sandwich stop we watch as hummingbird hawk moths unroll their proboscises, hovering precisely above the flowers, and drink.  Their visits to flowers seem quite random, they don’t move from one to the next, but dart around in an apparently chaotic dance.

The route goes up through the nick on the skyline, impossible to tell how
At the Canyon des Ecouges, we come to the first tunnel – unlit, and 500 metres long. We fix lights on however we can, (cable ties, shoving them down loops on bags)

The inaccessible road showing how it is perched above the valley

The other end of the barred road at Canyon des Ecouges showing great a dinge in the barrier from falling rocks

Wild strawberries on the way to Col de Romeyere

Counts as one of your Five a Day

The road leading to Col de Romeyere, cut through the rock and prone to stonefall- should get a move on, but its too steep

The col de romeyere, height 1074 metres

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