Isere Cyclepath, Grenoble

Friday 10 July 2009
Alarm at 5, to avoid the heat, to find breakfast at Grenoble station. We head for a cycle path that leads for 35 km out of Grenoble along the river Isere towards Valence. Traffic free, and surfaced, it is an excellent way to get away from the city. It does not seem to feature on maps, and there is not much written about it. We found out about it from the Cicerone Guide, “Cycling in the French Alps” by Paul Henderson. If we had not followed the instructions here, we would not have found our way onto it. There is a very small gap in the concrete fence just on the outskirts of Grenoble, which when you look from the top appears to lead to a sheer drop down to the river. We nearly overlooked it even though we were looking for it if you know what I mean.

Jim near the start of the Grenoble-Valence cycle path

This young deer was unperturbed by the flow of cyclists along the path

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