alps de haute provence – day 3

The col is the passage to a high plateau of waving grass and flowers , the Lente Plateau. An easy climb leads to Col de la Portette, no photos – too easy – and a descent, then three more big climbs take us finally to the Col de la Battaille. Most of this section is through thick forest, which allows flies to congregate around and on us owing to the slow speed.

The roads are small and quiet, and there are few roadsigns and cars. A fabulous descent, leads to a picnic on the wall of the Cistercian abbey at Leoncel. One more small col to go before we can rest, Today has contained 4 cols, enough for me

Picnic on the way to Col de la Bataille

At the Col de Bataille, I notice for the first time how effective the ‘Pedalling with Ali G’ course has been

The Cistercian Monastery at Leoncel
Our accommodation had a path leading straight to the Drome river

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