Provence Cycletouring

28 August 2010

On the bikeBus Express from Wakefield and its 9.30 at night. We are just south of Paris. We set off on our journey yesterday evening, going to Wakefield by train and cycling on the busy and windy A roads to the Premier Inn at Wakefield South. We had a meal in the Olde World Pub, which I thought was real, but even though it wasn’t, it was cosy inside. After we had reccied the way to the pick up point so we would know how long it took, the hotel staff stashed our bikes inside their cleaning cupboard. This morning at 4.30 we rolled along to the inauspicious point where we would be picked up. Friendly greetings ring out in the darkness from other cyclists huddled over their bike adjustments. This sets the tone for the entire journey. To get on the bus, the handlebars must be turned at right angle to the normal position, making it appear that we are all part of a strange club.
There are lots of seats, at first, and Jason is quick to supply us with bacon butties . At each stop, more and more friendly retro cyclist with funny handlebars on largely trad style bikes get on. A journey back in time. So far we have been on the bus for 16 hours and we have until 5am tomorrow, but it feels fine.

The bikes at the station fully loaded with camping and touring gear

The European Bike Express

Cyclists ready to get on the Bike Bus

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