6,500 Km Cycle; Day 20, Valence to St Sulpice

Day 20 Wednesday 20 June
St. Sulpice, Tarn, Midi Pyrenees. 100km Total 1,120

Heavy rain in the night. I remember suppressing my laughter as Guy gallantly struggled to close the outer flysheet – getting wet – all I could see was a white bottom gyrating phosphorescent in the mosquito net. A hot damp long night. Windy morning ride along the wide green Garonne to breakfast at Castelrassin, where we bought a new map with mountains and Montpelier and the Camargue on it. Follow the Garonne valley onwards, now funnelling a hot southerly wind directly at us. Water seemed to be drawn from the pores. I called for an early lunch. Hunger and thirst and fatigue made progress against the wind doubly hard. I cursed along slowly searching for wild cherry trees that I wanted to tear the fruits off. We call an early halt, both agreeing that today’s ride has not been a pleasure. Now at the campsite, cleaned off and relaxing, things seem good again. The campsite has coloured play equipment, novel climbing frames and ropes that swivel round on a pole. Decorative lights in the dusk.

1984_06_20 St Sulpice amusements 1984_06_20 St sulpice camp

Castelrassin Midi Pyrenees

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