Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Flood; Part 2

We had to try and get home over the tops. and thought that the roads here would be free of flooding.  but even on the highest hill roads at about 1400 feet, the roads were still inundated with fast moving runoff, where small streams had turned into torrents.  On the very steep cross stone road, the water was like a giant waterfall, all the way down into Todmorden for about 3 miles.

Flooding on Cross Stone Road, Todmorden

When we get to Jims house, we see that it is flooding front and back. this is the back yard. 

Jims flooded back Yard

and this is the view from Jims front door, onto the main road.

Todmorden Floods, Halifax Road

View from Jims front door

Luckily Deb James and Rob were passing and had placed the flood gate at the back door, This kept the kitchen from flooding. Glad I took my wellies. They were flooded as soon as I went out. The debris floating in the water is the wood bark chippings from Incredible Edibles free vegetable plots which they have placed all around Jims house.
The back yard.
Jim is putting the flood gate at the front door, as the water is rising quickly. He puts clay to seal the gaps.
Jims front door and the Hippodrome theatre which also flooded.
Halifax Road Todmorden
We deicide to go for a drink. Jim at the back of his house.
Checking the front before we leave
Jim and his flood gate  Halifax Road Todmorden 
Off for a pint
The Golden Lion

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