Birds in the snow

Birds in the Snow
Now it is snowing and I have put out feeders. What inspired me to do this is seeing my neighbours feeders with goldfinches and a nuthatch on them. So far I haven’t had these birds, but there is plenty of action.


The jay keeps looking for peanuts and two magpies came and mobbed him in the snow by the bird table.

the Jay

the Jay

The dunnock is a new visitor to the peanut hanger and he likes the bit of bird seed I have put in the top of the dispenser. In this bizarre pose the dunnock is craning downwards to get at the seeds in the top of the feeder.


A mistle thrush has found my umbrella-shaped tree full of berries and all day long he shelters in the branches once every half hour eating about 6 berries, and then hunkering down amongst the leaves, virtually invisible, craning up at the sky when the magpies and crows fly over. Another thrush occasionally tries to get into the tree and the resident bird fight him off.  other smaller birds are repelled simply by the thrush plumping up his feathers and rustling the branches a bit.






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