Cuillin Ridge 2006; Wet Ridge Attempt

Thursday 31 August 2006
Glen Brittle Memorial Hut
Richard has come to join Jim on an attempt at the Cuillin Ridge, and today is the day. Rain sets in hard overnight and at 2 am when they are to set off it is still hammering down. From the comfort of my bunk, I cannot believe that they go anyway, and what’s more Richard is in his shorts and his leather ‘city’ shoes. They go up into Coir a Ghrunnda, in the mist having difficulty finding the narrow scramble that gives access into the upper corrie. And then they make their way onto the ridge, still in rain and in almost zero visibility. This is the only chance for Jim to do it this trip and so he feels he might as well have a go. They travel right to the southern end of the ridge and back as far as the Inn Pin, before deciding that its too wet. Back at the hut I am very worried as the hours pass and the mist hangs low down to the coast. I keep hovering at the window with binoculars looking out up the misty hill to see if any figures are approaching. One time there are some and it is them, wet and cold but not seeming to have minded it too much. Talking about it later, Jim decides not to call this an Attempt as it was so obviously doomed in weather like that.




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