The Climbing Environment

Sa Gubia, April 2012

You go there, by secret covered paths through the woods, up the dry bouldery stream bed, birds calling, brambles catching at you, with your day’s needs catered for by the contents of your large rucksack.  When you get to the Climbing, you must find the place that is right, to make a fleeting home for the day.  You have to consult the guidebook to see which climbs you want to do and wander about looking at the lines.  This can take some time.  Your temporary abode is decided in relation to the climbs that are on the list.  Then you unpack; the waterproof, the food, chorley cakes, pasties, (squashed) water, the ropes, the shoes, and the metalwork.  Out it all comes, and what you need first , your harness, is at the bottom.  Under the shade, looking out at the bright sunny rock you put the gear on and tie the first knot of the day.  You’re on.











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