Little Sparrow and the Old Chapel

On a rare warm Sunday, we walk up through the flimsy bright new-leafed woods, up through meadows gay with yellow flowers, to Wainsgate Chapel  where Little Sparrow, accompanied by friends Sarah and Mitch are playing.  Although from the area, I had never known of this Church until now and it is a hidden gem.  Tucked away up a gravel road, one of the last before the moors begin, it is sturdy outside and ornate inside  having its origins to the eighteenth-century Evangelical Revival. Its founding was heavily influenced by the preaching of the Reverend William Grimshaw, of Haworth Parish Church. The first chapel on the site was established about 1750.








Supporting Little Sparrow is singer, Terry Logan with some lovely songs and self-generated beat. During the interval we wandered around the church, up the rickety stairs to the table with wine and cups of tea, bourbon and ginger biscuits, and took the wine outside to the neglected mossy graveyard.  Tangled trees and stones leant and grew together, backed by a view of the wild moors above, and the green shiny fields and small Yorkshire towns below.  I regret that I only brought my phone and no camera. Little Sparrow has a fantastic voice, and with Sarah singing high willowy harmonies and playing a mournful cello, and Mitch on varied and sensitive percussion, it was a fabulous set. On the way home, there were families of goslings, nestled together on the canal bank in the sun



Little Sparrow

Terry Logan


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