Drawings from the Cuillin Ridge Diaries

A collection of watercolours and drawing made on or just off the Cuillin Ridge whilst attempting the traverse in one day, and on reconnaissance trips. The closest we have got is – very close, right up to the bottom of Sgurr nan Gillian, by which time it was dark, and we, after much discussion decided that doing the pinnacles in the dark and then descending through the difficult terrain after we had finished would be too dangerous. We did every climb, missing nothing out, pitching the TD Gap, King’s Chimney and Naismith’s Route, and soloing An Stac and the Inn Pin, – its just a pity we were a bit too slow. Areas such as Bidean Druim nan Rahm always seem to take an age every time we try, and no amount of being familiar with the terrain seems to make it any faster

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