Cosmiques Arete August 2009

Monday 24 August
Cosmiqes Arete

There was still a snow slope in mid august and we chose to put crampons back on although others did not.

We found route finding quite tricky, there are often a number of choices and it is not clear which is the best way to go.

Jim at the start of the pitched climb

Finally, you mantel up onto the sloping top of a pinnacle,

find a slot to slither down, and there is the rickety ladder leading to a gathering of spectators watching and waiting to congratulate you.

We were applauded as we ascended to the viewing platform.
Getting the leg over the top of the parapet is an ungainly manoeuvre which should be practised in advance if one needs to look cool. I didn’t. The cloud swirls in almost as soon as we finish, making us feel lucky to have seen the views that we saw.

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