A Beach Day. Los Cristianos, Tenerife

DSCN1864Tuesday 9 April 2013

A lazy sunny rest day.  I paint in the morning before Jim gets up and then we watch the ferries going to La Gomera while eating breakfast.  Get on the bikes and cycle all the way to the eastern end of the beaches and start riding west through the endless wonderland of bars, hat shops, trinket sellers, beer bellies, brown busts, hats, benches, palm trees and umbrellas, with the backdrop of the turquoise sea beside us.  We went right out to the end of the coastal promenade, and turned round thinking we’d like lunch right by the sea.  Round the next corner we find a lovely beach restaurant on wooden stilts under which we shore the bikes and eat looking out at the sparkly blue sea before cycling on for cocktails at our favourite bar.  We return the bikes to their underground billets below the hotel and walk out for tea, at Fortuna Nova.  Big lamb dishes and brandy on our patio watching the dark lively square at out feet.






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