Snowy Chairlift Rides; Colfosco

Monday June 24 2013 Colfosco
Wake up to heavily falling snow. The ground, and the road is white over. Suddenly today it is cold so we take the bus to Corvara to get some shopping. We breakfast at the Hotel de la Post run by the Kostner family as are many of the surrounding businesses and apartments.
Take a ride in the yellow cable car up to Jimmys refuge – meaning to go there for lunch. The ride is lovely, above the shedded meadows, the small streams, meandering and the snow, the mist. The refuge is piled up with snow tables and chairs deep in it and it is shut.
Back in town we lunch in a typically cavernous restaurant (they look small from the outside and expand as you enter) before walking uphill to the other cable car that runs in summer from Colfosco, up to Sassongher. Here find another gigantic refuge all red and brown, smothered in snow, and empty. Later we walked through the snowy meadow to the big waterfall that falls down off the cliffs of ……….waterfall. The meadows with snow on are something I have never seen before, – all the summer flowers that yesterday were dancing in the warm breezes are now bowed and hidden beneath the cold layer. Across the footbridge and up the bottom of the tall waterfall. We had bread and cheese for tea.

June snow in Colfosco

June snow in Colfosco

Summer flowers in the snow, Colfosco

Summer flowers in the snow, Colfosco

View of the Meadows from the Chairlift, Colfosco

View of the Meadows from the Chairlift, Colfosco






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