2 thoughts on “eBike Panorama

  1. How did you find the electric cycles in comparison to a ‘normal’ cycle?? My experience is that they are too heavy and also not powerful enough to be really useful. The extra weight of the battery and motor makes the cycles feel more like small motorcycles, yet without the power of a motorcycle. I found that I could average a higher speed on a NON-electric cycle !!

    But what did you think?



    • Hello I agree with all these points and they were extremely heavy, but they did get us up a very long and steep hill that would have been a bit of a struggle without the battery. also we only had road bikes with us so it was a great way of exploring this upland mountain plateau. When the batteries were fully charged, a twist of the wrist would get you going with a ‘surge ‘ of power that was quite noticeable. Just a different activity to ‘real’ MTBing


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