Abandoned; Odeon

My home town has many lovely buildings, dating from the industrial revolution or earlier, and some buildings that have fallen into disuse through no fault of their own. Here is the Odeon in Todmorden. When it was first released of its cinema duties, it was taken over as a Kwiksave, then another cheap supermarket, Netto, but for many years now it has stood, empty and crumbling with trees growing from its fascias and gutters and providing intermittent shelter to birds, wildlife and itinerants.

This building was originally a corrugated iron structure erected in 1908, in the grounds of Ridgefoot House, and known as the Olympia. The original Olympia opened as a skating rink and first became a cinema in 1910.  Several owners later, it was demolished in 1931 when work on the new Art Deco building that currently stands was begun. (The New Olympia Cinema). It was in this building that Oscar Deutsch Entertained Our Nation, until its final demise.

Skilled craftsmen were employed in the making and outfitting of the Odeon; floors were created by Italian carftsmen, and the decorative plaster done by Messrs. Alberti of Manchester who also decorated the Winter Gardens in Blackpool

More information and pictures of the interior at 28DL – Urban Exploitation












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