A gentle cycle circuit

Saturday 7 July 2012

The light comes in the curtainless window about the same time that dormant house flies start buzzing and landing on our eyes, ears and noses. So we get up and sit on the balcony as the sun rises up over the Savoie mountains that have snow and glaciers on them. Today we go for a gentle cycle ride, down the steep hill to the cycle path in the valley bottom; a lovely production well surfaced dual traffic free cycle lane, pleasantly following the River Isere. The big lake for swimming with the fountain, dappled shade, Bourg St.Maurice our destination is pleasantly situated and it is market day. Here we have a lunch out on the pavement, in a shady side street, and I get told off for not finishing my main course while wanting a desert by the owner. After lunch it has become very hot and we cycle up onto the balcony route, back to the chalet Overall it is surprisingly easy to cycle this way, and very pretty travelling through the meadows. Back at the chalet quite early for washing and cleaning of the bikes.

A view of Bourg St Maurice in the Alps with interesting cloud formations
clouds _Panorama1

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