Cormet de Roseland Ride

Tuesday 10 July Col du Pre, Cormet de Roseland
We cycled down to Aime station early at 6.30. As soon as we got there a train for Albertville came and we got on.
At the station bar in Albertville we enjoy coffee and croissant beneath a clear blue sky and a breeze rippling the banners around the large plane tree. We have descended to about 400metres from our airy abode, so now we must start ascending to Beaufort, where there is more coffee before continuing to Areche. By now the sky has clouded over and there is some rain falling, so we stop and buy a cape for Jim who had come without a waterproof and gloves for me as I had left mine behind. From Areche the road ascends very steeply via piled up hairpins, to the Col du Pre. There are some sections of 10% and 11% so it is quite hard work.

 From the col we descend to the Lac de Pre, which is navy blue with glacier water. At an auberge café by the Lake, we sit on two stones to eat sandwiches and then have a coffee, before starting up the Cormet de Roseland climb. This is less steep than the previous one and not so long. The descent is great, especially at the top, very fast and good visibility. Ice creams in Bourg St Maurice before the final stiff climb back to the house which is at 1800 metres.








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