Rainy Walk 14 July 2012

Saturday 14 July 2012
Misty Walk
Rain all night and in the morning Jim and I go for a walk with the big umbrellas up through the misty fields adrift with drooping damp flowers and large summer-clothed trees looming in the cloud. Often the cloud is below us, moving fast along the valley below. We are looking for some climbing boulders at the Biolay camp site but don’t find them anywhere. Close to Montmery again, we have a look at the tiny mountain chapel of St Jaques. Inside, through the netting can be seen three pews and a tiny altar. All you need to worship or maybe more. In Montmery is a water trough in one half of which swim goldfish and on the side of the trough is the goldfish food and a bag full of hiking books and leaflets.
Back at the chalet we lunch and I take a bottle of cider and the same umbrella I have been using all morning out into the sun to sit gazing at the mountains and lie under the cherry tree, in the new found hot sun. Later we all go to Bourg St. Maurice to see the Bastille Day celebrations












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