Beaumes de Venise

Tuesday 30 March 7, 2010
Rain and thunderstorms .. We walk to Beaumes de Venise for shopping on footpaths over a ridge between limestone outcrops and prickly bushes. Past the Abbaye de Aubune. The shops are shut and so are the cafes and the restaurants. So we have a beer outside the one bar that is open. Our shoes have got incredibly muddy on the paths; the fine yellow and red soil make the softest and stickiest mud I have known. So we walk round for the rest of the time with it on our shoes.
The beer goes straight to our heads and we wobble over to the supermarche to buy lunch when it finally opens, which we then eat on a park bench, before returning to get our supplies for the house, we haul them back on foot after an unsuccessful attempt to use the taxi. A beautiful rainbow is hanging over the Dentelles as we return to the house.




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