Wednesday 7 April
An early start for us, though not for Patrice, who already had a great bonfire going made of all the wood he had cut down to make the most of the weather.

We cycle to the Ecole area, above Gigondas with the climbing gear. The rain starts as we get there, but ensconced beneath the trees and with the wonderful rain cape on, we wait it out. We want to climb LÁnnie which at 5 is harder than expected especially for Jim who had to take the towel up with him to dry the holds (for me the princess)

The rock dries in spite of the cold and humid weather. Soon all sorts of other groups arrive, and we are surrounded by the usual melee of topropes and languages knitted together into a sensory cats cradle. Today, ‘Geraldine’ is the most amusing, twittering away like a scolding wren from on high, as she stretches the toprope and scrabbles at the holds.  She keeps the whole company amused.

I did a 5 and a 5c and a 6a. I decline the invitation to continue climbing by cycling to St Christope (am now glad about that as Jim slumbers on a day bed and I listen to the rain pelting onto the roof)













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