Mont Ventoux

Thursday 8 April
We take a cycle ride through the lanes. First we go to Beaumes de Venise, and then on to Bedoin. Jim finds quiet D roads through the vine fields on flatter terrain before we are forced onto the large roads. The weather is quite cool and windy so clothes stay on.

We stop for a coffee and an own goal pain au raisin at Caroum. The roads after this are long and straight with blossom trees. At Bedoin we lunch, feel drunk, and on the spur of the moment decide to have a ride up Mont Ventoux, so start off up the road, reading the historic names and encouragements inscribed there at every turn.

In our panniers for this first attempt we have by chance the following heavy items of shopping, –  2 bottles of Beaumes de Venise, two cans of beer, one bottle of milk, cake, nuts, bread, pastries,  pizza, so they are quite a burden.

After about four kilometres we come to the sign telling us that the road is closed after Chateau Reynard and after about 6 kilometres we decide to turn back for a rapid descent to Bedoin. Jim found a long straight track, which at times became unsurfaced.  Back at Beaumes, we enjoy an ice cream in an effort to delay the long trudge back up the hill to home.










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