Saturday Things

Sat 26 April

Shopping in La Trinite is achieved by an early start down the steep path to the bus. We fill our sacks and have coffee in a sunny pavement bar, watching for buses until we decide that for some reason they don’t come up the same street as they drop us in

 So we take the bus right into Nice, and start at the beginning. Sure enough the bus takes a completely different route through town on the way back.

It is a lovely hot day so after lunch on perched patio we go climbing in the shade of the evening. There is only one other party at the whole crag, right next to us spending hours on the climb we want to try (Merguez Party) We do other climbs, while  in the sunny spaces cuckoos are calling and a single nightingale sounds.

The family next to us all do the climb including two young children who  belay each other. But finally it is our turn.

 In the evening sun we enjoy the walk back to the house, beer on the terrace and then I am on cooking duty; lentils, sausages, (merguez) and aubergine dip with roasted garlic.

DSCF0753 DSCF0758

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