6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 38, Varese to Menaggio

Day 38 Sunday 8 July 1984

Menaggio, Lake Como, Italy

Rest Day. 60km. Total 2,240km

We planned to travel a short distance, find a campsite and rest. So left the farm, filling our water bottles at the tap in the big barn where soaped washing lay in the sink, left the quiet fields; the famer working with a hoe waved us goodbye. On to the tourist lakes road to spend the rest of the day in busy Sunday filled lakeside centres.

The lakes scenery is beautiful with the big flat lakes of intricate shape and steep green tall hills sloping sheer into the lake, a green with a small spire and cluster of houses near the top. After breakfast in Porto Corisia, – cappuccinos and patisses, we passed the frontier into Switzerland where we found that everything was twice as expensive as in Italy with the result that we charged through Lugano and re–entered Italy with a feeling of relief – almost homecoming.

While in Switzerland we looked at a gravelly lakeside campsite which cost nearly £7 a night, twice as much as in Italy. But most of the time we spent slowly travelling along the lakes, – Como, Maggiore, being buzzed by a constant stream of tourist traffic.

We had lunch in Switzerland on a mucky lay-by, watching cars pass. Tried to find a farm to camp at but there were too many campsites close by so in the end we found this; a hotel with a campsite beside it. Close to the entrance of the rumbling tunnel. Vines growing a shady ceiling above the tent. A friendly Dutch girl in the next tent speaks very good English asked us about our journey.   We eat under the close scrutiny of a gimlet eyed Italian woman seated beside the wooden chalet.

1984_07_08 Menaggio

1984_07_08 Menaggio2

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