6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 39, Aquasaria

Day 39 Rest Day. Monday 9 July 1094

Aquasaria, Menaggio. 0km. Total 2,240km.

We enjoy waking up but soon spoil the day with arguments. I go back to the tent, cry, read back in my diary, go fro a coffee at the hotel bar here. Guy goes for breakfast in Aquasaria. I meet him on my way there; we discuss our problems. Diet and money seem to be a big problem which threaten to become out of proportion, food seems so expensive that we can’t find anything satisfactory to eat except white bread and jam, which usually we eat at breakfast and lunch. We use a lot of energy trying not to spend too much money, and often spoil our time by considerations like this. So together we think of new ways to have breakfast and lunch.

I keep watching our Dutch neighbours, feeling the need very much of other company and conversations. Wishing we could somehow join in. Just as we are going to bed, two of them come to talk to us and invite us to have coffee with them. There are two couples all of them speak very good English. We sit round their table, on camp chairs, – luxury while they ply us with coffee and generous amounts of amaretto. We talk and laugh, politics, the Italians, Dutch cycle paths, more coffee, some wine from the big bottle with straw round it. We after it has gone dark, we are still talking. They say they have passed us twice the day before, and laid bets that we hadn’t really cycled from Britain.

1984_07_08 Menaggio


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