6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 47, Padua to Rivignano

Day 47 Tuesday July 17

Rivignano, Italy 102km. Total 2777km

Today there is a renewed feeling of excitement about what we are doing in anticipation of arriving in Yugoslavia, and enjoyment of the clear bright light after the rain. The bread shops are all closed, so on finding a lovely town, Noale where you pass through an archway, and it is all laid out in front , trees, porticos, a brown woody bar with large old fashioned mirrors, we stop to enjoy cappuccinos and patisserie. As we leave the bar lady gives me a packet of sweets.

Later as I’m dreaming along, there is a hand on my back, and there are two Italian cyclists, who cycle in front of us and signal for us to follow, so that we can benefit from the slipstream.

There is a picnic lunch sunbathing beside the road on a white iron gate. Later, we get stuck in roads that have been closed, and a long pebbled road that seems to go on for ever. We find a farm, ask a man cycling towards us up the track, he wears the usual check shirt and blue trousers and straw hat, and says we can go where we like, indicating the lawn of a villa.

Modestly we choose a clearing in a field of maize that is six feet tall. And with our green tent feel quite invisible. Everyone who passes looks at us.


1984_07_17 Rivignano wildcamp in maize field 1984_07_17 Rivignano wildcamp in maize field2

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