6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 50, Novigrad

Day 50 Friday July 20 1984

Novigrad, Yugoslavia. Rest Day

Breakfast on a large Yugoslav brioche with coffee from the campsite bar, and then take a picnic to the sea and walk along until we get to a quiet part. Sunbathe, read, write.   The sea is very blue, with a band of brilliant turquoise before the deep indigo of the horizon. People are naked, and so am I. We discover new Yugoslavian cheese, with garlic a tin of mixed vegetables in tomato juice.

As is comes dark, we walk again to the sea where I came last night where there is a view of the whole peninsula and sea. Looking at this, you can imagine how this beautiful coastline used to be before the tourists came.

IMG_5812 IMG_5843 IMG_5862 Piran

 1984_07_20 Novigrad beach

1984_07_20 Novigrad

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