6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 52, Icici

Day 52 Sunday 22 July 1984

Icici, near Rijeka, Yugoslavia. 0km. total 3017km

Suddenly realise that we’ve been out for 50 days which seems like a long time. Breakfast in the campsite cafe which is a patio attached to an attractive old villa, overlooking the sea.

Blue sky, thin moon, tree shadows. To the tent to draw lines across maps. And down to the sea where I am writing now. A concrete path has been spread across the prickly rocks, which form the narrow beach.

People lie all over the beach and the path. The sea is calm, so there are lilos carrying inert bodies aimlessly and small craft and larger ferries and we are getting used to being crowded. Later we speak to five Dutch boys who have driven together in a van, they tell us that McEnroe has won at Wimbledon, and that it is cold in England and Holland.



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