6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 61, Laktasi

Day 61

Tuesday 31 July 1984

Laktasi Rest Day. 0km. Total 3419km.

This Laktasi is a very strange pace for people to come and holiday at. Within 100 yards of all the tents is the constant rumbling and screech of giant articulated lorries. There are fumes all day long. The star attraction appears to be the Olympic swimming pool, which at early morning is glinting, inviting, bright blue, between deep shadows, still full of cold night air. By day it is seething with red and brown bodies, shouts, and creaks as swings, roundabouts and children fly through the air. A cacophony to the quiet camper, or the ill camper. All day we have to sit in the shade of the tall tree where our bicycles are leaning, moving round closing down one side of the tent or another, and moving the yoghurts in pans of cold water from side to side.

We are in the process of making a decision about our journey We are thinking we might enjoy extending the journey by cycling home rather than getting the plans as we originally planned. Home through Austria, Switzerland, Germany and France. The disadvantage of going to Greece is that the choice of route becomes more restricted the further you go.   As we are finding, the roads that there are seem to be thoroughfares for a tremendous volume of heavy goods and tourist traffic from and to the whole of Eastern Europe. Being so ill and not being able to get enough food to fuel our journey has not helped.

1984_07_31 laktasi (2)

1984_07_31 laktasi

1984_07_31 laktasi2

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