6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 64, Zagreb

Day 64 Friday 3 August 1984

Zagreb. Rest day

Talk to Caralyn and Marriner as they pack up. They come over to show us things – Carolyn her watercolour palette made of a plastic lid, Marriner his useful pocket water container. We exchange addresses and photographs.

We realise we have a lot of money to spend, as it is impossible to take more than about £1 each from the country and you can’t change it in the banks.   So we have a luxurious breakfast ordering whatever we want without considering whether it would cost too much. Later we enjoy buying two pens.

We intend to go seeing the sights of Zagreb. So walk up the steep cobbled road and through a tower gate, a dark enclosure where, behind thick candles are rows of silent bored people. Lunch is at a bar with white tables in the street, breeze and shade. I try amaro, tonics, ice creams. We enjoy the relative luxury of Zagreb. We are shopping to use money up because we can’t take it out of the country or change i.t We buy film and later go out for a pizza. Look at the cathedral in the dark. At 3 am, a German boy with local girls sit right by the tent, talking and laughing.

1984_08_03 Zagreb theatre2 1984_08_03 Zagreb

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