6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 65, Zagreb to Celje

Day 65

Saturday 4 August 1984

Celje, Yugoslavia. 122km. total 3755. Hilly very hot

It takes us a long time to leave Zagreb behind. But the roads here are good and wide, so the traffic is no problem. I sing and whistle Austrian tunes. Breakfast is in a meadow field beside a factory. The countryside is gradually improving.

Fir trees, meadows, log cabins, clean villages, bright colours. The sun is hot but shadows cool us as we pass. A strange village offers a lunchtime stop. It is a new town, a building like a New Town Community Centre has a bar, On the other side are wooden benches, to eat at.

Two old men are eating rustic sausage and bread, using sheath knives to eat from. We marvel at the change in the countryside. A cool stream runs beside us, clean, stony. At Celje, we eat a chocolate roll at a relatively luxurious bar. And bought lots of tempting foods to use up the last of our Dinar. Eggs.

The sun is low when we leave Celje, turn off the main road, see a wooden farm with green fields, which looks lovely. We ask if we can camp.   An old man, an intelligent interesting lady. We converse in German and camp in the garden below a damson tree. The view is beautiful. We are tired, eat our supper wash in the pumpwater at dusk.

1984_08_04 Celje barn camping

1984_08_04 Celje Farm camping

1984_08_04 Celje

1984_08_04 Celje2

1984_08_04 Celje31984_08_04 Celje (2)

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