6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 69, Klopeinersee to Treffeldorf

Day 69 Wednesday 8 August 1984.

Treffeldorf, near St. Veit an der Glan. Austria. 56km. Total 3935km.

Pack up the tent and breakfast on a green bench beside the lake and where our tent was, watch ducks and people out for an early swim.

Decide to take the scenic yellow road route to Klagenfurt and it is worth it, quiet rolling roads between pine and ripe grain fields along a winding river. In Klagenfurt we find coffee in velvet luxury surroundings.

We buy tablets for stomachs that are still upset from the food poisoning. In the big sport and leisure department store we look for an Optimus stove. Instead we find a pair of cycling shoes for Guy. Later we took semmeln rolls to a small park with a concrete green painted table tennis table before making our way along a small road parallel to the main Vienna road.

Whilst buying supper in St. Veit an der Glan, a man from the cycle shop comes out to help us find the way to Treffledorf. Two other cyclists come and park outside the supermarket; on honeymoon their only luggage being a big plastic holdall carried on the man’s bike. They are going from Vienna to Assisi to Rome.

We go up a steep hill out of the town, in lovely country, and see an inviting farmhouse, where a man cuts trees up with a chainsaw, a dog barks constantly, rendering the difficult Austrian dialect impossible as we ask if it is possible to camp on his land. Now here we are in the field, gentle fields all around in an orchard, with shady green trees a cornfield sloping off towards the moon, a glimpse of village top hills.

1984_08_08 austrian roads 1984_08_07 Klopeinersee not sure 1984_08_07 Klopeinersee unsure

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