6,500 KM CYCLE; DAY 73, Grosskirchheim

Day 73 Sunday 12 august 1984

Grosskirchheim, Austria. Rest Day 0km. Total 4145km

It was cold this morning up here. The parts that stick out of the sleep bag got chilled easily.   Sunday breakfast is leisurely and consists of muesli and biscuits. We walk to Dollach along the river and take coffee at the Gasthof Ortler that has been recommended to us by Hedley.

Walk up the river, finding small pansies and two unusual purple alpine flowers, one like a toadflax with orange inside. As we were sitting on the bench Hedley and Marjorie offer us two newpapers. I read about sordid happenings in Corfu, English riot-makers in Spain, holiday-makers in France being robbed by gangs. When we go to return the papers we tell them that we are going to the restaurant that they recommended. They invite us to walk down with them.

We sit, order, an excellent Kasesuppe. Talk is good, Hedley has just retired from his work as a forensic fingerprint expert with the police force. They invite us into the van – a fascinating experience, all carpeted throughout, they sleep above the seating area on a bed that slides out, a fridge, a closed flue heater; coffees, home made rich fruit cake, sherry, conversation about experience, travelling, routes, edelweiss, flowers, work and retiring.

1984_08_12 Grosskircheim4 1984_08_12 Grosskircheim 1984_08_12 Grosskircheim2 1984_08_12 Grosskircheim3

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