Visit to Venice

Just back from a New Year visit to Venice.  We spent 10 days just walking round and soaking up the art, and architecture and buzzing about on the water. the weather was very cold about minus 5 during the days typically, so we wore a lot of clothes.  Tee shirt, 3 thin merino jumpers, down jacket and fur coat as we were out in it all day for about 12 hours.  Is its a fascinationg city with so much to explore, that even after 10 days we didn’t feel we had seen it all.


DSC00027 DSC00034

2 thoughts on “Visit to Venice

    • Hi there it was good to meet also, and I have been to your blog, but cant find a way to ‘like ‘ or follow it. is there a way? sounds like you’ve been having interesting times.


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