Flight to Akureyri

After swimming and lolling in the thermal pools, we board the bus to Reykjavik, and lunch before a first hike out to the domestic airport of Reykjavik. You just walk in on the short cut path across the car park. No security or no go areas. When it is time to board, again we stroll out to the aircraft, a Fokker 50 with twin propellers. The journey takes us over soem of Icelands large wilderness areas, and occasionally through the cloud we can see icecaps and black looming mountains.

Our first destnination is Akureyri, where we intend to move on tomorrow to the areas where we will be hiking.  We have to walk to a distant petrol station to find the right sort of camping Gaz, which is quite elusive, and without which our trip is not possible. We of course could not bring any on the plane and now there is an urgency to find some before we continue to smaller towns.

A cute Konditorei up some steps and with a view of our room, has good beer and we watch the town going by from the outside table. We see that other travellers also have to wait for sometimes an hour to be let in to the accommodation.

The street is busy and loud when we go to bed but a very heavy rain shower sorts this out. The night is long, hot and light. A sort of mind shift has to happen in order to persuade oneself to sleep while it is still light. Lightness is the new dark.


Domestic Flight Reykjavik to Akureyri, a Fokker 50 turbo prop




First view of low lying snow around Akureyri


Optical Illusion in Akureyri


Akureyri Bus station, from where we take the bus to Myvatn


The river valley at Akureyri

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