Reykjalid Nature Pools

From here we continue walking mostly on roads to the nature baths. Another area of steam rising alerts us to the volcanic bread ovens, about 30 lids placed over vents in the earth with black rye bread inside. Later we eat some with trout, and find it to be very heavy unleavened and slightly sweet.

At the pools we sit in the sulphur steam drinking beer before entering the silky milky bright blue water ringed by hills and wilderness. The water is very hot in places and a lovely place to relax, we eat our tea including the volcanic black bread and start to walk back to Ryekjalid about 9.

It is still light but the sun is low in the sky as the path takes us through amazing steaming landscapes in the red gold light, alone in the sandy black trail. Later there is the warm pool in a cavern with steps leading down and a birch forest where the winding trail goes on for ever towards the big red sun. It is 11 pm when we get back and we fall into bed, that is after we have unpacked them and found where all our things are.













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