Lake Myvatn Cycle

Friday 25 July 2014
Bjarg Campsite, Myvatn
Cycle round Lake Myvatn 37 k, Walk the lava trail and up a volcano.

We breakfast at the hotel on the lake, looking out at the ducks and trying Icelandic foods; smoked lamb, lamb pate, geysir bread, skyr and brown cheese. (Lovely, Ok, a bit hard, yummy, and uuuurgh)
We hire bikes from the unearthly tall camp site owner with the white curly hair, (A sort of Icelandic Gandalf) who tells us of all the special places to go, and about the lava energy and where the most elves and fairies are.

The sun is bright and the wind strong, the lake blue as we start off across the lava. There are many ducks, and on the other side, fields, with hay and small farmsteads, round houses; we wonder if they are the smoke houses. About halfway round the lake we stop at cafe Sel where lamb stew is served in a cauldron and the view is of cows munching up a sloped field. We turn right at Dimmuborgir, for the lava walk and volcano. At the top of a very steep hill is a cafe where we park the bikes before starting on the long trail that leads to the ‘Church’





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