Walk around Sassopiatto and Sassolungo, Dolomites

11752447_10154192840929638_7524462678835357914_n 11954790_10154192843814638_3465283346249383261_n 11986314_10154192838069638_4124638261708475383_n 11986471_10154192845539638_2386847607646762461_n 11986601_10154192838164638_6483064029217179360_n 11988200_10154192840279638_2803253330991738553_n 11988326_10154192846124638_5083511913210712704_n 11988740_10154192845804638_9078323859645084723_n 12004035_10154192842639638_3724718685406317652_n 12004776_10154192840269638_601090444910280577_n 12004969_10154192847069638_1286718638701461834_nWith the exception of Sassopiatto, all the peaks of the Sassolungo group can be reached only by climbing
But there is a way of walking around all the group and viewing it from all angles.
You start from Passo Sella, and follow the Federico Augusto path  towards Rif. Valentini (15 min), then you continue reaching the Rif. Federico Augusto (about 45 min from Rif Valentini). From there you continue until you reach the Rif. Pertini(about 45 min from Rif Federico Augusto). From there you continue until you reach the Rif. SassoPiatto(about 45/60 min.from Rif. Pertini) From there you can descend in ValGardena or you can continue the tour heading towards Rif. Vicenza (about 60 min from Rif. SassoPiatto) . Then you can proceed reaching the Rif. Comici al Sassolungo(plan about 45 min from Rif Vicenza). From there you continue and you will be back at the Passo Sella (about 30/45 min from Rif. Comici) crossing an area crowed with blocks (Citta dei Sassi).

2 thoughts on “Walk around Sassopiatto and Sassolungo, Dolomites

  1. Thank you for the many beautiful photos and paintings in your posts. I found you through some Airnimal posts on Facebook and don’t often comment since I don’t know you. But the photos and paintings are amazing and bring much joy to me.


    • Hello, thanks for commenting, its always great to hear from people with similar interests so please feel free to comment away! Glad you like the paintings – All the best, Anne


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