Via ferrata Piz Boè climb

Via ferrata Vallon, Piz Boè Monday 24 August 2015

Arriving at the base of the iron way, among the shattered rocks and gnarled ironware, we gear up in the rain and peer upwards through the blackened rock tower to the little waterfall we are going to be following.
The guide information tells you that this is an alpine climb that requires a steady foot in particular in the mountain range near the summit of Piz Boè. In case of fog of fresh snowfall, orientation may become difficult near the Piz Boè. It is a short via ferrata with steep and difficult mountain sides, however the supports are always wet due to the little cascade nearby.

The climb is long and descent is relatively long. The first stretch of the steel cables is in a bad state; the steep, more difficult sections are reasonable well-secured. The total ascent of the climb is 620 m, taking 2-3 hours

This first section is not demanding, but pay attention on the slippery loose rocks. Cross the bridge and walk beneath the waterfall: on windy days the icy water often provides a cool shower. The ferrata soon steepens and tackles the steep, exposed final wall. This athletic section finishes on the col between Sasso delle Nove and Cima del Vallon.

Arriving at the top we began to follow the red spots and cairns as we had been instructed, and soon realised that there were may ways and without a map (oooops) and in the mist, it was by no means clear where our descent gully back to the huts would lie.  Conscious of the encroaching mist, darkness and rain and the proximity of the hut tea which would not wait, we beganto get rather anxious and sped up into the gloom trying to discern paths among the piles of boulders.  After several backtracks and hurried conferences, we saw, far below us, the tiny hut and the path winding around the cirque, and the little via ferrata that leads back down to it.

Gladly we ran along the path and easily down climbed the iron ropes that took us to within 5 minutes walk of the hut.  we entered the warm jolly room, wet and in out harnesses to sit straight down to one of the best hut meals we have ever eaten.

Via Ferrata Piz Boe

On the way up to the bottom of the route

via Ferrata Piz Boe Vallon

Jim at the start of the wire

via Ferrata Piz Boe Vallon

The beaten rickety bridge across the waterfall near the top of the climb

via Ferrata Piz Boe Vallon

The Bridge and the Waterfall

via Ferrata Piz Boe Vallon

Glad to be on the other side

via Ferrata Piz Boe Vallon

Looking down from the summit of the climb

via Ferrata Piz Boe Vallon

The desolate land at the top of the via ferrata

via Ferrata Piz Boe Vallon

The cairns that lead the wrong way, – follow the spots instead

via Ferrata Piz Boe Vallon

The spots leading to the correct gully for descent to the hut

Via Ferrata Piz Boe

I view of the route of the Via Ferrata at the head of the cwm running up the black part of the rock

Via Ferrata Piz Boe

Looking at the Via Ferrata from slightly higher, – you can see the terrain above

Via Ferrata Piz Boe

You can see the red dots on the rock quite clearly here, It is higher up that they fade away and leave you in the middle of a stony plateau wondering where to go

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