Travel to the Pomedes Hut

Tuesday 25 August 2015
Today we are going to stay at the Pomedes Hut. We walk our 2 big bags each through the mist to the cable car. – we have to go in time to catch the first one. And wait around in the desolate gloom for the little chair to jerk into life at the top. First come supplies, sitting int the chairs on their own. Then there is the nervous moment when I have to hoist the bags on to the little chair which doesn’t stop and get on myself without being pushed off by the bags. We have practised this and Jim is going to help me put the bags on.
We walk into Corvara and wait for the bus to Cortina. I start to wonder why our travel arrangements are always so complicated. After this, we take a taxi from Cortina up to a cable car lift underneath the Pomedes Hut, take two chair lifts up in the mist and then we are there. We are enveloped in cloud, unaware of our beautiful location.

Refuge Vallon

A last look at the Vallon Hut as we leave to go on our next journey

Vallon chairlift

Our Chariot awaits

Pomedes Chairlift

The top of the Pomedes Chairlift which carried us to the hut

Punta Anna

The mist clears for a while in the evening and we get our first view of the Punta Anna behind the hut

Refuge Pomedes

The view from our bedroom window at the Pomedes Hut

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