The ‘Sentiero Geologico Astaldi’

Sentiero Geologico Astaldi

On the evening after we arrived at the Pomedes Hut, the mist cleared for a while and we walked out to see this amazing path perched high on the rim of the massif leading up on to Punta Anna. The path contours along between brightly coloured layers of rock of green and red. The rock is all derived from marine sediments deposited in the Thetys sea. The path has some wire on it and is in a sensational location. If you have time you can make a circuit of this walk.

DSC02490 (1024x768) DSC02494 (768x1024) DSC02498 (1024x768) DSC02499 (1024x768) DSC00651 (1024x683) DSC02501 (768x1024) DSC02502 (768x1024) DSC02505 (1024x768) DSC00653 (1024x683) DSC02507 (1024x768) DSC02513 (1024x768) 0707_IMG_1944_Ann_regular

DSC00650 (1024x683)

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