The Snowbow

icy dam end _Panorama1The Snowbow

Just me, and my running shoes, the simple pleasure of fell running alone in the icy moors.

You know when you are sitting at your computer and its all white and windy out in the garden, never mind where you were thinking of going.  And you don’t want to go.  You put your things on slowly but it hasn’t made any difference.  You don’t want to go.  So you put your hat and gloves on and the torch in your pocket just in case, and then your shoes.  You still don’t want to, but you open the door, and test the ice.  Yep, its slippery.  You go, but you don’t want to.  And you start to run, and suddenly you never want to come back again, because you see such wonderful things. I saw leaden glowing skies, latent with snow, a kestrel hovering over frozen prey, –  and a snowbow.  Coming back down the 1 in 4 road, a glacier of thick glistening bottle ice, I gave up on traction and sat down for a free ride, as if on a bobsleigh, but without the sleigh, just on my bob.

View to Stoodley Pike

The Snowbow


Looking towards the Pike

Last of the evening sun illuminates a remote farmhouse

Frozen Landscape


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