Dangerous narrow path walk

The Camino del Rey

Described by many as one of the world’s scariest paths, the high level walkway, the Camino del Rey is a one metre wide concrete walkway attached to the steep walls of the El Chorro gorge in the province of Málaga, southern Spain. The way was closed in 2000, for more than a decade, after a number of people died attempting to cross it. The dangerously worn-out path earned a reputation though as thrill-seekers ignored the closure and dared the crossing, despite a maximum fine of €6,000 for trespassers.

In January 2011, we were some of those people who walked it, entering the way via the live and narrow railway tunnel, and walking the eroded and crumbling narrow path full of holes, showing the dizzying depths 350 feet below at the bottom of the gorge. At the time we walked it, it was in a highly deteriorated state, with numerous sections where part of or the entire concrete top had collapsed away. This resulted in large open air gaps bridged only by narrow steel beams or other support fixtures.

We made a video showing our walk along the route in January 2011



Jim on the start of the way.

Climbers coming into View on the Walkway

View Showing a section that has fallen away Walkway with a view of the Railway Tunnel A Hole in the Path with Views 300 feet down to the river The Walkway perched precipitously halfway up the walls of the gorge. DSC_0722 DSC_0688 DSC_0281


10 thoughts on “Dangerous narrow path walk

  1. When I watch video like that I tend to think, with concern, about the person with the camera. It looked too smooth to be a helmet-cam and there was one scene with shadow that looked like he was holding the camera up with one hand! In any case Brava! I appreciated that you let us in on how frightening some segments were instead of some breezy, “I’ve got this” veneer. And what a beautiful place! There is a rather easy walk along the side of a hill/mountain on the North Coast of Kauai, Hawaii that has a number of deaths owing to how slippery the trail becomes with mud and rain.


  2. I’ve been on that! I was climbing in El Chorro in 2006, living in the caves above the little church there…I didn’t know it was illegal. Oops 🙂 Amazing path though, definitely scary!


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