Views around Via Ferrata La Mesola

Via Ferrata La Mesola Grade 4B overlooked by Marmolada.

I started out on this Via Ferrata but found it too steep and strenuous. Jim carried on and took several hours as it is quite long while I found a high lonely eyrie in the rock and took photos of the mountains and flowers all around. There is some information about the Via Ferrata from the UK Climbing Log book

An interesting via ferrata which is predominantly a linear traverse (albeit with a good amount of ascent to start) as opposed to the usual up and down. The conglomerate rock also provides a welcome change to the more usual dolomite. Add in some First World War tunnels, a cannon and a rustic rifugio at the end and you have a very different and pleasant day! The via ferrata develops in three distinct sections and can be cut short if required. The Padon ridge on which it is situated does keep the snow until late in the season, and parties should prepare accordingly. It is worth checking the current condition with the Guides Office if you are planning on making an ascent early in the season. The initial section of wire provides the crux on the route; after that the difficulties ease, although there is a considerable amount of down-climbing. The views over the Fedaia Pass, Lago di Fedaia and the Marmolada (3343m) are superb.  Note – If you’re planning on doing the entire route a headtorch is required for the tunnels at the end.

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