I have kept a diary all my life, and that is mostly what this blog is, – a diary of travels to new places, cycling, walking, running, climbing, painting or camping.  And the photos I took along the way. I am a painter, so I also have a visual diary, with paintings from wherever I have been, and a Gallery showing my work is linked on the right hand column of this blog.

Currently I am posting about our Summer 2015 visit to the Italian Dolomites, where did a lot of Via Ferratas of varying Grades and heights.

Before that I was posting on our backpacking trip to Iceland in July/August 2014 and prior to that, a very long series of diary entries from a  4,000 mile cycle-camping trip made in 1984, using my prolific diary from the time.  Photography was not what it is now, and as we were travelling light and film was expensive not many photos were taken in some places.  In this case I have supplemented my images with pictures from my diary that I collected in Tourist information literature at the time and pasted into my book. I have also occasionally used Google street view images to show the area that I write about.

Here is my Gallery on Etsy if you would like to see the visual part of my journals


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

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