Heiligkreuzkofel Via Ferrata, Dolomites

Heiligkreuzkofel Via Ferrata
Sass de la Cruscz

We climb the Sas dla Crusc (Heiligkreuzkofel) via Ferrata which is an exposed rock climb that is only partly secured. First we walk away from Santa Croce path no7, on a pretty path, rising at first amongst the dwarf-pines, then on scree to get to the bottom of the wall where the via ferrata begins.

The ferrata itself is easy however there are several sections between the wire, which are extremely exposed with very large drops over steep cliffs, so care is needed.

Forcella dla Crusc is the pass at the top of the via ferrata, m. 2625, a rocky notch located on the wonderful and panoramic summit crest. I have always wanted to explore this barren limestone plateau further, so here is our chance to do this.

We turn to left and reach the Ciaval main summit (Monte Cavallo or Sas dla Crusc at 2907m) by walking along the summit ridge. The views across the wild white sloping plateau are extensive – no building or habitations to be seen anywhere. Hardly any people on this day either.

To descend we decided against repeating the exposed rocky ledges and took a longer way back, across Forcella de Medesc (2541m – marked as path 12B) back to the starting point. By this route we descended all the way to La Vila – so the total descent was much greater than our ascent. Total ascent was 3000 feet and total descent was 5,000 feet. Not good for our Day 1 legs!

Heiligkreuzkofel Via Ferrata

Heiligkreuzkofel Via Ferrata; A View up to the mountain above as we approach the Via Ferrata

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