Ascent of the Marmolada West Ridge Part 2

Marmolada West Ridge is one of the first via ferratas to be made in the Dolomites. The first equipping of the western ridge of Marmolada with steel clamps, pins and fixed ropes was finished in 1903 As the Marmolada has two glaciers which need to be walked over to do the circtuit walk/climb, we have to use ice crampons, ice axe and a rope together with helmet and a full ferrata set.

During World War I, the front line between Austrian and Italian forces ran over Marmolada, and Austrian soldiers built quarters in glacier tunnels, forming an “ice city” of considerable size. A World War I museum, Museo della Grande Guerra in Marmolada, is located in the valley below the glacier.

Here we are walking across the small part of the glacier you have to traverse before arriving at the foot of the via ferrata to the summit

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