Piz Boe by the Cresta Strenta

Piz Boe by the Cresta Strenta (3,120 m).
Piz Boè is the highest mountain of the Sella Group, with an elevation of 3,152 metres (10,341 ft). Located in the heart of the Dolomites, the mountain has a beautiful pyramid summit. We have come to settle old scores as we had to turn back last year when verglas covered the cresta strenta in July. Today it is sunny with great views.
We know the way now through the high barren plateau up to the foot of the easy via ferrata Lichtenfels Klettersteig (Ferrata Lichtenfels) traverses the Sella Ringband in the east of the group. It starts at Franz Kostner Hut above Corvara in the north-east of the mountain.
We do it without gear and continue through grey limestone territory that is increasingly covered in snow as we ascended
The via ferrata pops us out onto the steep zig-zag path leading gradually up tiers upon tiers of limestone, rounding exposed airy corners and some easy scrambling.
The cresta strenta itself is a steep rock rib leading to the summit of piz boe .

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