Via Ferrata Grand Cir

We walk to the foot of the via ferrata Gran Cir where previously on another visit I had been terrified in a snow gully while Jim went up the via ferrata without gear and I waited in the rockfall gully. This time there was no snow and we both went up the via ferrata. It s is quite high and fairly long. We had it to ourselves until we started to descend. A stone filled metal cross on top marks the summit, and we briefly stopped before turning round to descend the way we had come.


2 thoughts on “Via Ferrata Grand Cir

    • Hello – Yes its great! But you should get proper via ferrata gear, which takes the shock if you should fall, and is very safe to use. something like this – Black Diamond’s Iron Cruiser Via Ferrata Set. An economical lanyard system for protection on vertical via ferrata climbs – features two slide-down locking carabiners, extendable bungee style lanyards and a webbing loop to attach directly to a harness and has an energy absorption system to limit any load impact should you fall from the via ferrata stemples.


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